Hi there! My name is Pam Nafziger, and I'm an on-location children's and family custom portrait photographer from southwestern Pennsylvania who relocated to the Lake Keowee area of South Carolina (but continues to do sessions in Washington & Allegheny Counties back in PA). I started Casual Moments Photography in 2004.

I specialize in helping you to get that photo session of your family that you've always wanted, but never quite scheduled because you were a little intimidated by all of the details. I help you every step of the way, from scheduling it for a time that works the best for you, to help with what to wear, to a casual stress-free session despite having unpredictable kids, to certainty that I will pose you in the most flattering ways so that you will LOVE your images!

I do sessions at my home on the lake, but I do on-location work anywhere in the upstate area including Clemson, Anderson, Greenville, and as far north as the Highlands and Cashiers areas of NC. I make frequent trips back to Pennsylvania near McMurray PA and to the Olney MD area (where my children live) for clients.

My style is clean classic outdoor casual portraiture, with true color and the focus on the eyes. Although I love Pinterest, I believe that professional portraiture should look timeless and upscale, not homemade.

To see examples of my work, click on the PORTFOLIO link on the menu bar above. If you like what you see and want to know more about what I offer, click on DETAILS. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a session, contact me any way that works for you - I would love to talk with you!

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Pam Nafziger
6 Shiplight Ct
Salem, SC 29676 (on Lake Keowee, near Clemson SC)
724-986-2625Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

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Washington PA Family Photographer | Saying it with pictures

November 18th, 2014 , Posted in Family photography, Mommy & Me portraits, South Carolina Family Photographer, Washington PA photographer by Pam

I made this slideshow to try to express exactly what it is that I strive for in my sessions and why….I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it inspires you to get photographed with your kids!

You can rest assured that I understand how it can be uncomfortable to be photographed and that I will use all of my experience to make it as easy as it can be! I will take you through the process step by step, and I promise you that you will love your images. Call me at 724-986-2625 or email me at pamnafziger@gmail.com so that we can chat!

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Woodstock VT childrens portraiture | becoming a man

October 19th, 2015 , Posted in Uncategorized by Pam

Sharing another one from 2007, and now…puberty is an amazing thing!


One from 2007, and one from last week

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Woodstock VT child and family photographer

October 17th, 2015 , Posted in Family photography by Pam

I recently traveled to New England to capture some very special moments for one of my long-time Pittsburgh clients, who moved there a year ago. The perfect place for a Woodstock VT child and family photographer to shoot a stunning session full of autumn color, smiling faces, and happy family moments! I will be sharing their full session in the weeks to come, but for now I will be posting some “then and now” shots that show just how fast they grow up.

Woodstock VT child and family photographer | seasonal sessions


A photo that I took in 2007 when he was two, and one from last week

If you would like beautiful, updated portraits of YOUR family – give me a call at 724-986-2625 or email me at pamnafziger@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to chat!

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Seneca SC family portrait photography on Lake Keowee

October 10th, 2015 , Posted in Extended Family Photography, Grandparents photos, Keowee Key Family photographer, Lake Keowee SC Photographer, Multigenerational family photography, Outdoor natural light photography, Salem SC photographer, Seneca SC photographer by Pam

This year I have gently shifted the focus of my photography business to concentrate on family relationships. Especially those of children with their parents and grandparents. I feel strongly that this is one area that most people neglect to photograph, but is really the most important! There are lots of reasons for this – sometimes it’s because moms are the ones photographing their kids and therefore are behind the camera, not in front of it. Sometimes it’s logistics. It is HARD to coordinate a photo session with everyone’s busy schedules. Sometimes it’s because the adults are reluctant to be photographed (yes I’m looking at YOU).

But before I give YOU the lecture about getting in the picture, I had to do it myself. When my grandkids were visiting us here in Keowee Key in August, I made sure that Jim and I did just that.

Of course, we waited until the last day to do it because, as always, there is so much going on when they are here because it’s vacation for them. I almost bailed several times, thinking about where/when/what to wear/omg my roots are showing/Jim & the kids are whining, but I just sort of set it all free and GOT IT DONE. My daughter Stacey (who is a good photographer in her own right) helped do the ones with me in them.

And I’m so, so glad that I did. I LOVE these images of all of us. I will treasure them always!

Seneca SC family portrait photography on Lake Keowee | kids with grandparents

Seneca SC family portrait photography on Lake Keowee

Seneca SC family portrait photographer on Lake Keowee, Pam Nafziger of Casual Moments Photography, specializes in portraits of kids with their parents and grandparents in a casual setting

If you would love to have portraits like these of you and your grandchildren, email me atpamnafziger@gmail.com or call me at 724-986-2625 and we can chat!

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Bridgeville PA outdoor fall engagement session

October 8th, 2015 , Posted in Bridgeville PA family photographer, Canonsburg PA photographer, Engagement Session by Pam

I think most of you know that I stopped doing weddings about 2 years ago. It was just getting to be too hard for me to manage the travel and the massive time commitment that they require. I still LOVE to do engagement sessions though! Since my portrait work focuses on relationships, it’s a natural fit. I love helping the couples that I photograph feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, and I also love giving them romantic shots that take the pressure off trying to work those in on The Big Day.

I did Rachel’s senior pictures years ago (they were some of my favorites!) and I was thrilled to hear from her again when she got engaged and wanted me to shoot her session. I was also pretty flattered, because she is a pretty popular fashion blogger and on top of ALL of the latest trends, with a strong sense of style. I was afraid that I was going to be too old to fit into that, lol, but it turns out we were a great team.

We had originally planned to do the session at Mingo Park, where I do most of my PA photo sessions. BUT it turned out to be the weekend of the Covered Bridge Festival, and the crowds & traffic through there is impossible. We switched to Cecil Park, which is pretty close to them, and it turned out to be the perfect place.

I was so happy to spend more time with Rachel and meet Alex, who cheerfully cooperated with every location we decided to use. I was also happy to see how well they just seem to FIT with one another – and I wish them all the best as they plan their lovely wedding and their future together!

Bridgeville PA outdoor fall engagement session – A few of my favorites:


Bridgeville PA outdoor fall engagement session

A cool rusted pedestrian bridge made a great spot to start


Outdoor engagement session at Cecil Park PA

I love doing engagement sessions outdoors, and this park was perfect


Cecil Township Park engagement photo session

The goldenrod was gorgeous…this was just a spot by the road that we found


engagement session photos with an urban feel

The grubby graffiti covered train trestle contrasting with this well dressed couple…bam.


engagement session outdoors near red shed with flowers

A pocket of sunlight in front of an old shed with a pop of color and surrounded by wildflowers made for one of my favorites of the day


engagement session outdoors on wooden bridge

And this one too…


Cecil PA photography closeup of a couple at engagement session

I always love the closeups, too.


Canonsburg PA Engagement session done in a field of goldenrod

Then we found this wonderful field – perfect since they are having a garden wedding.


McDonald PA engagement session in goldenrod field

Now THIS is my favorite…I think.


Bridgeville PA outdoor engagement session in a field of goldenrod

So lovely.


Image of engaged couple with Starbucks coffee cup and wedding date

And yes, I know this photo has been done a time or two before, but in this case it’s totally legit – Alex is a barista at Starbucks!

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Clemson SC Engagement Session In the Rain Lake Keowee

October 4th, 2015 , Posted in Clemson SC Photographer, Engagement Session, Keowee Key Family photographer, Lake Keowee SC Photographer, Salem SC photographer by Pam

I already posted one image from this Clemson SC Engagement Session in the rain on Lake Keowee in Keowee Key, but I HAVE to share two more! Normally my engagement photography sessions are done in the beautiful Upstate sunshine. This is a far cry from what I was shooting in PA, where of course it is usually overcast. Don’t get me wrong, that usually makes for some gorgeous luminous light and I love how it looks. But when I moved here a few years ago I had to learn how to adjust and shoot in direct sun, which is a LOT less forgiving. I love it though, because it is different from the majority of outdoor portrait photographers, and gives my images some “pop”.

This session, on the other hand, was not going to have any sunshine. In fact, we had rain and gray skies almost the entire time. But you know what they say – when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! This weekend made me glad for my experience in shooting weddings for 10 years. That is a job that absolutely requires that you need to be able to shoot in ANY conditions, and still provide a quality product. It also gave me the skills using flash that I decided to put to use for this set of images.

Gina and Chris were troopers as they ventured out into the downpour for one more set of images…in fact, I’m not sure they even noticed the rain under that umbrella. Just look at their faces. Nothing can rain on that kind of happiness!

Casual Moments Photography Rainy Day Engagement Session


Rainy day engagement photography session done on Lake Keowee SC by Clemson SC photographer Pam Nafziger of Casual Moments Photography


Clemson SC engagement session in the rain Lake Keowee SC


  1. cathi wrote: Stunning, stunning, stunning!! Wow, Pam you are incredible! So proud to share any/all of your photos! xo, cathi (10/04/15, 2:53 pm)

  2. Melody # wrote: Just..."Singing in the Rain"! Beautiful! (10/05/15, 9:46 am)

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