Hi there! My name is Pam Nafziger, and I'm an on-location children's and family custom portrait photographer from southwestern Pennsylvania who relocated to the Lake Keowee area of South Carolina (but continues to do sessions in Washington & Allegheny Counties back in PA). I started Casual Moments Photography in 2004.

I specialize in helping you to get that photo session of your family that you've always wanted, but never quite scheduled because you were a little intimidated by all of the details. I help you every step of the way, from scheduling it for a time that works the best for you, to help with what to wear, to a casual stress-free session despite having unpredictable kids, to certainty that I will pose you in the most flattering ways so that you will LOVE your images!

I do sessions at my home on the lake, but I do on-location work anywhere in the upstate area including Clemson, Anderson, Greenville, and as far north as the Highlands and Cashiers areas of NC. I make frequent trips back to Pennsylvania near McMurray PA and to the Olney MD area (where my children live) for clients.

My style is clean classic outdoor casual portraiture, with true color and the focus on the eyes. Although I love Pinterest, I believe that professional portraiture should look timeless and upscale, not homemade. To see examples of my work, click on the PORTFOLIO link on the menu bar above. If you like what you see and want to know more about what I offer, click on DETAILS. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a session, contact me any way that works for you - I would love to talk with you!

Contact Info:
Pam Nafziger
6 Shiplight Ct
Salem, SC 29676 (on Lake Keowee, near Clemson SC)

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

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Scroll down to see current blog posts!

Southpointe PA family photographer | just the three of us

December 19th, 2014 , Posted in Canonsburg PA photographer, Family photography, Southpointe PA photographer by Pam

This family holds a very special place in my heart! Deb and I worked together at the Washington Hospital years ago as nurse analysts in the IT department and became good friends. She is an absolutely amazing strong woman who has been through so much, but is always such a happy and fun person to be around. Her husband is a wonderful guy, and their daughter…well, she holds a VERY special place in my heart! I have photographed them before, but this time was different because it is clear that their little girl is growing up. You should have seen my face when I met up with them for this session…ummm, hello puberty and adolescence! It always blows my mind how much difference a year or two makes. I’m always caught off guard by what twelve looks like! This girl is not only smart and funny, but GORGEOUS!


But what I loved most about this session was capturing the love between these three. This child is so clearly loved and adored, and you can just see it in their faces in these images. I know that children start to stretch their wings and exert their independence as they move into their teens, but for the moment she is still their little girl…and will be forever!

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If You Want to Learn To Use Your New DSLR…

December 17th, 2014 , Posted in Photography Education by Pam

It’s no surprise that my clients LOVE good photography, and a fair number of them take lots of pictures themselves. I’m sure that there will be some who get a brand new DSLR camera for the holidays! And I KNOW that some already have a good camera but haven’t taken it off “auto” yet. If you are looking for a great way to get started into learning the art of photography, I highly recommend this book – “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson.


It is a very, very good introduction to the basic photographic triangle of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture and how they relate to proper exposure…the absolute foundation that you have to understand to proceed. It also discusses composition, DOF, and lighting.  It’s written in easy-to-understand language and has lots of photo examples. This is the book that will get you excited about learning to shoot in Manual and making the decisions about your image yourself instead of relying on the camera to do it for you. Buy this for a friend or loved one as a gift, and pick one up for yourself too! You can find it at any bookstore or online!

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Canonsburg PA childrens photographer | little sweetie

December 15th, 2014 , Posted in Canonsburg PA photographer, Children's photography, South Carolina Children's Photographer by Pam

I can’t wait to share more of the images from this sweet photo session that I did recently, because this little girl couldn’t have been more adorable. Here’s one for now:


I love doing children’s portraits outside instead of in a studio!

They are so much more relaxed, and I can get genuine smiles in a variety of settings instead of just different expressions on the same gray background. If you are interested in a session capturing YOUR toddler, take a look at DETAILS on the top menu and learn more about me and the Casual Moments Photography experience! If you are looking for a Canonsburg PA childrens photographer or actually anywhere in Southwestern PA or the upstate of SC, give me a call and we can chat! I take pride in preparing you and your child carefully so that we get the kind of photos that make your heart sing…the kind that look like they should be in a magazine!

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Washington County PA child and family photographer | little son

December 12th, 2014 , Posted in Uncategorized by Pam

We had a drab day to start out with when this session took place, but miraculously the sun kept peeking out as we got into it. And look how beautiful the light was! Perfect for capturing close up snuggles with their little son, who was just turning two. The great thing was that this little guy was happy to cuddle up and play with Mom & Dad while I snapped away, and I knew that the images we were getting were going to be very special.







Toddlers are notoriously hard to photograph, but after 10 years in this business, you can bet that I have a bunch of ways that I can get images that parents love.

These days are short – these tiny little people grow fast – and I don’t want you to miss a memory because you are afraid that you will pay for a photo session that won’t turn out like you’d hoped because your child is a very busy one. We’ll get it, I PROMISE!

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Peters Township McMurray PA family photographer | photos with mom

December 6th, 2014 , Posted in Children's photography, Family photography, McMurray PA photographer, Peters Township PA photographer by Pam

I’m moving more and more towards specializing in family photography, and particularly parents with their children.  Let’s face it, you photograph your kids like crazy with your own cameras and phones (which are pretty darn good these days!) but what you can’t do very well is photograph yourself with your kids.  Or if you try it, you don’t really gush over the results. I firmly believe that these parent-child photos are the the most important ones you will ever have taken, and I make sure that you will LOVE the images that I capture of these moments. These are the ones that are truly worth investing in!


More to follow from this session!

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