Hi there! My name is Pam Nafziger, and I'm an on-location children's and family custom portrait photographer from southwestern Pennsylvania who relocated to the Lake Keowee area of South Carolina (but continues to do sessions in Washington & Allegheny Counties back in PA). I started Casual Moments Photography in 2004.

I specialize in helping you to get that photo session of your family that you've always wanted, but never quite scheduled because you were a little intimidated by all of the details. I help you every step of the way, from scheduling it for a time that works the best for you, to help with what to wear, to a casual stress-free session despite having unpredictable kids, to certainty that I will pose you in the most flattering ways so that you will LOVE your images!

I do sessions at my home on the lake, but I do on-location work anywhere in the upstate area including Clemson, Anderson, Greenville, and as far north as the Highlands and Cashiers areas of NC. I make frequent trips back to Pennsylvania near McMurray PA and to the Olney MD area (where my children live) for clients.

My style is clean classic outdoor casual portraiture, with true color and the focus on the eyes. Although I love Pinterest, I believe that professional portraiture should look timeless and upscale, not homemade. To see examples of my work, click on the PORTFOLIO link on the menu bar above. If you like what you see and want to know more about what I offer, click on DETAILS. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a session, contact me any way that works for you - I would love to talk with you!

Contact Info:
Pam Nafziger
6 Shiplight Ct
Salem, SC 29676 (on Lake Keowee, near Clemson SC)

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

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Now booking Heart of my Heart minisessions for Mothers Day!

April 9th, 2014 , Posted in Uncategorized by Pam


Call or email me today to book your session with your kids…or your mom, or your grandmother!

The idea behind these sessions is to keep the focus is on you and the special bond you share with your children. The images will be a combination of closeups as well as from a distance. Since we have a month to plan, it will give you plenty of time to choose what to wear, and schedule hair and perhaps makeup, so that you feel prepared. The sessions are only 20-30 minutes so the children will not be bored, and I will be posing you in the most flattering way possible so that you can be certain you will love your photos!

Whether you choose to do the session with your kids OR with your own mom,  you will already be set for lunch or dinner out with your own little family when you are finished!

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Certificate of Authenticity for Wall Prints & Canvases

April 8th, 2014 , Posted in McMurray PA photographer by Pam

Your portraits are valuable in so many ways to you.

They are a beautiful reminder of the thing that is most important in your life – your family!

Custom photography of your family displayed in your home is the best kind of art. But not only are those portraits art, they are also heirlooms for future generations.

Did you ever see old photographs or albums at an antique sale, or perhaps even among elderly relatives things after they were gone, and wonder Who are these people in the photographs? 

My grandmother was famous in our family for tucking notes  inside jewelry boxes or taping them to vases, and other things that she treasured. Sometimes she scribbled on them who she wanted them to belong to, sometimes where she got them.  My brother also made a point of documenting WHO the people were in some of her old snapshots, by going through them with her a few years before she died. Now as I get older, I see the wisdom of doing the same thing.

So I finally created something that has been in the back of my mind for awhile – a certificate of authenticity for my wall portraits. This is a double sided card that contains facts about the image on the front such as date created, who commissioned it, and my signature as the photographer and creator. The back has space for the handwritten story of the image, including who is in the photograph, when and where it was taken and for what occasion, and the feelings of the person writing the history and their relationship to the subjects in the photograph. I include prompts to help you know what to write. After it is filled out, it is placed in an envelope and attached to the back of the canvas or framed wall portrait. How wonderful for future generations to not only learn about the portrait, but to read the story behind it in the person’s own words and handwriting!

From 2014 on, every canvas or large wall print sold by me will come with its own Certificate of Authenticity for you to create your own heirloom story. If you have purchased a canvas or large wall print from me in the past, please email me and let me know if you would like me to send you one of these – I would be happy to!

Here are some quick images of one that I just filled out to attach to the back of a canvas of Gavin as a newborn. I wrote the following text: “This is an image of Gavin Charles Mayle, who is my first grandson. It was taken by me in October 2005 when he was only a week old, at my daughter Stacey’s home in Olney, MD. What I remember most was how tiny and perfect he was. I thought that, although he obviously looked like his father David, I could see Stacey in him too. This image captures both of those feelings for me, and I will love it (and Gavin!) forever. Pam Nafziger, 2014″




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Heart of my Heart | Mothers Day MiniSessions

April 2nd, 2014 , Posted in Uncategorized by Pam


Heart of My Heart Sessions

I am so excited to tell you about a special event that I’m planning that will be taking place on Mothers Day weekend in PA at Mingo Creek County Park – special short and sweet photo sessions exclusively for mothers and their children! We moms tend to be the ones behind the camera instead of in the photos. And we also tend to be the ones who shy away from the camera because we are a little uncomfortable in front of it. BUT at the same time, we all love our kids to the moon and back and we know how important it is for them to have pictures of us to hand down through the generations. Does this sound like you? If so, this is your chance to get some beautiful portraits made with your children, or mother, or grandmother!

The idea behind these sessions is to keep the images ultra simple. My focus is on you and the special bond you share with your children, or your mom. Because we are planning this in advance, it will give you plenty of time to prepare clothing choices, and perhaps hair and makeup, so that you can be as confident as you can. The sessions are short so the kids will not lose interest, and I will be paying careful attention to posing you in the most flattering way possible so that you can be certain you will love your images!

If you choose to do the session with your own mom, you can take the opportunity to perhaps treat yourselves to a salon visit before your session and then lunch afterwards – it can be an unforgettable Mother’s Day treat for you both. Or, if you choose to do the session with your children, you will already be set for lunch or dinner out with your own little family!

I’m still working out the final details but plan on making a formal announcement soon.  Previous clients always get a chance to book in advance before the details are released publicly.

If you are a previous client and want to get the details first, just send me an email in the next couple of days and I will add you to the list of those who are “first to know”.

If you are not a previous client, you can still have an opportunity to be added to a wait list. After previous clients have booked, I will then send all others who requested it the session information 24 hours before I post it publicly.

To get on the wait list email me at pamnafziger@gmail.com

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Belated share of a guest article by me on 33 Dresses blog

March 31st, 2014 , Posted in Photography Inspiration by Pam

Somehow I never managed to share the article I wrote for my friend Elissa Ashwood of 33 Dresses last May on THIS blog, although you may have seen it on Facebook. It was about the need to make sure that moms not only photograph their children professionally, but also themselves.With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about this again!

You can find it here:   Stay in the Picture

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Clemson SC Photographer | couples photos

March 30th, 2014 , Posted in Uncategorized by Pam

Jim and I flew out to Phoenix for a weekend to visit his sisters, who live there. We try to do it every year or two, because 1) it’s nice to visit family, 2) it’s Arizona in the wintertime, hello, and 3) we mooch off of them while we’re there.

This time, his sister Linda and her husband Paul had just recently moved from their house into an apartment. Since they both work pretty intensive jobs, they wanted to downsize and simplify their non-working time. This move is sort of a grand experiment for them to see what it’s like to live without the “stuff” that one tends to accumulate when you have to maintain a home and have some storage space. They also want to see what its like to not have to put in the time to do the usual home maintenance tasks, like cleaning a lot of rooms and yard care. EVERYTHING is taken care of in the complex where they are. So – leisure time is more, well, leisurely. AND the place is gorgeous – new, modern, close to a lot of restaurants, and with a fabulous pool.

We are a little suspicious that Paul will miss puttering with the house, but we shall see :)

Linda had asked me if I would mind snapping a photo of them by the pool, to put on a “we’ve moved” card to send to their friends. Of course, when I got there and saw the pool, I couldn’t JUST snap a quick photo. I knew it would be much prettier at night, with off camera flash. More elegant. And elegant means dressing up a little. OK, maybe a lot.



Love you guys! Can’t wait to visit you again!

  1. The Art of a Beautiful Life wrote: Oh, WOW, Pam! These are GORGEOUS! Love your vision for these! You nailed it! (03/30/14, 9:11 am)

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