Hi there! My name is Pam Nafziger, and I'm an on-location children's and family custom portrait photographer from southwestern Pennsylvania who relocated to the Lake Keowee area of South Carolina (but continues to do sessions in Washington & Allegheny Counties back in PA). I started Casual Moments Photography in 2004.

I specialize in helping you to get that photo session of your family that you've always wanted, but never quite scheduled because you were a little intimidated by all of the details. I help you every step of the way, from scheduling it for a time that works the best for you, to help with what to wear, to a casual stress-free session despite having unpredictable kids, to certainty that I will pose you in the most flattering ways so that you will LOVE your images!

I do sessions at my home on the lake, but I do on-location work anywhere in the upstate area including Clemson, Anderson, Greenville, and as far north as the Highlands and Cashiers areas of NC. I make frequent trips back to Pennsylvania near McMurray PA and to the Olney MD area (where my children live) for clients.

My style is clean classic outdoor casual portraiture, with true color and the focus on the eyes. Although I love Pinterest, I believe that professional portraiture should look timeless and upscale, not homemade.

To see examples of my work, click on the PORTFOLIO link on the menu bar above. If you like what you see and want to know more about what I offer, click on DETAILS. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a session, contact me any way that works for you - I would love to talk with you!

Contact Info:
Pam Nafziger
6 Shiplight Ct
Salem, SC 29676 (on Lake Keowee, near Clemson SC)

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

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Professional photographer Brevard NC | a mother with her sons

February 27th, 2015 , Posted in Children's photography, Family photography, Mingo Creek County Park photography, Mommy & Me portraits by Pam

Lesly just moved into her new home and was excited to decorate it to make it feel like home. What better way to do that than with pictures of the most beautiful things in her life – her sons!


I love how this mom puts such a priority on her family. It’s so obvious that she is very close to her little boys, and cherishes every moment that she spends with them. She also knows that it won’t be long before they are bigger than her! There is nothing that will have more value in the years to come than these images of them snuggling on Mom’s lap.

Moms, don’t wait to have YOUR family photographed, and especially with YOU in the pictures.

I know it can be a little intimidating but I promise to help you prepare every step of the way – and I promise that you will love the results! If you are someone who has a little difficulty committing to being photographed, be sure to visit this page on my blog: If you think of yourself as “unphotogenic…”

I specialize in photographing children with their parents, with natural light outdoors where kids and parents can snuggle and be themselves. Children are so special and beautiful, and I make sure that my images show just how much they are loved. I can think of no greater gift!

I photograph families on location in the southwestern Pennsylvania area in Washington County, generally at Mingo Creek County Park. Families from Washington, McMurray, Venetia, and Robinson Township find it very easy to get to, as well as those from Mt. Lebanon and Upper Saint Clair. I currently live on Lake Keowee near Clemson and Greenville SC, and my photo sessions there are done near my home in Keowee Key or on location. If you are looking for a professional photographer Brevard NC or the Cashiers area, take a moment to look through my blog. For more information about me and my style, click here.

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Pictures with Dad | give your kids a priceless memory

February 23rd, 2015 , Posted in Clemson SC Children's Photographer, Daddy and me portraits, Lake Keowee SC Photographer by Pam


Time with Dad is so important for kids, and dads love it just as much as the kids! Do you have good pictures of your children playing with or snuggling with their daddy? If not, consider a session with me to capture all of the love between them…I promise you, when your kids are grown up there will be nothing that they treasure more. Especially when they become parents themselves.

Give your kids a priceless memory that they will treasure forever!

“Daddy and Me” images can be done as a mini-photo session OR as part of a full family photography session. I make it easy and painless to get Dad involved in the process – no cheesy posing or uncomfortable studio lighting, just him playing with his kids naturally outside in the fresh air! It doesn’t take long and the results are always fantastic, just like in the photo above. Casual Moments Photography specializes in parent and child photography, but especially close relationship natural light images that will make your heart full! Call or email me for more information.

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Professional photographer Mt Lebanon PA | fall day in the park

February 20th, 2015 , Posted in Children's photography, Family photography, Mingo Creek County Park photography, Mommy & Me portraits, Mt Lebanon PA Photographer by Pam

The leaves, the nearby creek, the bridge, and most of all the smell of fall in the air. Snuggling in boots and sweaters. Tickling the baby of the family and making funny faces to get her to laugh. All of it. Togetherness.


These are the kind of sessions that I live for – a family that cherishes each other and appreciates the joy of a lazy day at a local park.

Thanks Maggie for sharing your beautiful family with me! The years are flying by.

If you are searching for a professional Mt. Lebanon PA photographer, check out my DETAILS section to learn more about Casual Moments Photography. I do outdoor, natural light sessions at Mingo Creek County Park and other area locations in southwestern PA. Although I moved to the Upstate area of South Carolina on Lake Keowee near Clemson and Greenville, I still travel frequently back to Pennsylvania to do photo sessions for my loyal clients.  Since I offer digital files and do my proofing and ordering online for your convenience, it works well for both of us!

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256 Shades of Gray | black and white images

February 18th, 2015 , Posted in Photography Education, Photography Tips, Reasons to use custom photography by Pam

I recently did a family session that was a gift from a very proud grandfather. His son lives in Japan with his wife and two small sons, and they were here in Keowee Key visiting.  The session went well,  and when I delivered the images, the grandfather asked me why I provided black and white versions of each image as well as color.

The question caught me a little off guard. I have been providing black and white images for the entire ten years that I’ve been in business, and no one has ever asked me WHY.

Here’s why I give my clients their image files in both color AND black and white:

The answer is twofold. The main reason is that, especially in 2004, my clients (who are mostly young families) actually PREFERRED black and white images. I think that’s a generational thing. My generation grew up when photography was rare – the only consumer cameras were expensive and not very good. There wasn’t any color film until Polaroid came out with instant color film in 1963, and it wasn’t until the 70’s that most family snapshots were in color. We loved color because it looked so much better than our dull gray b&w photos. My kids generation, however, liked the novelty of black and white photos for their kids.  What goes around, comes around.

I myself prefer color for the types of images that I capture. The exception is newborn or maternity images, and occasionally closeup relationship shots. But I want my clients to be able to choose, so that’s what I give them.

The second reason I provide them is that it takes a little work and experience to convert a color image to black and white so that it looks good. A color digital image file can have over 16 million different colors. A black and white image has only 256 shades of gray. The photographer must convert all of those colors in a way that is artistic and pleasing to the eye, using editing tools such as Photoshop. There are hundreds of ways to do it, and it takes some time to learn which way suits the photographers style and vision. Most consumer cameras have a black and white setting, and consumer labs usually offer a checkbox to print an image as black and white…but these results generally don’t do the image justice. These images tend to look dull, flat, and muddy gray without true blacks and whites. I want my client images to look great in black and white, and I don’t expect them to have to do it themselves.

Take a look at this image. On the left, I used a standard black and white general conversion. On the right, I used my own personal touch to get it more to my liking.


The differences between the two are not as marked as most images that the non-pro photographer capture, because the exposure and lighting on the original image was correct, which helps a lot. But you can see that the blacks are blacker and the whites are whiter, and there is a brightness that is missing from the first that draws the eye to the beautiful girl.

Here’s another:


Most generic black and white conversions tend to wash out the photo, losing the contrast in the process as you see on the left. Much better look on the right!

The next time you are looking at black and white images, think about the 256 shades of gray and see if YOU like the result. It is, of course, a matter of taste, but I think that it’s the sort of thing that stays with you once you begin to notice it! I’m proud to provide black and white versions of all of my digital images that my clients purchase at no additional charge…it’s another value of the custom photography experience that you don’t get everywhere.

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Photographer in Olney MD | kids portraits

February 16th, 2015 , Posted in Children's photography, Family photography, Great Falls VA photographer, Olney MD family photographer, Outdoor natural light photography by Pam

Throwback to 2010…this was the first time that Genevieve willingly cooperated for me for pictures. My heart still smiles when I look at this photo!


If you are looking for a photographer in Olney MD for childrens and family portraits, or in the surrounding area, please take a look at my work and read all about the Casual Moments Photography session information under Details. If you think we are a good fit, email me or give me a call at 724-986-2625 and we can chat!

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