Don’t Wait : Capture Those Moments With Photography!

“Isn’t it amazing we can see the beauty in our best friends, sisters, mothers, and aunts without the slightest thought to their flaws… but can obsess for hours on our own imperfections?…No pictures to show how we LOVE, how we laugh, how we are treasured by our families.” Don’t wait to photograph you and your family. I’m going to keep saying it. It’s the greatest gift that you can give to your loved ones, and even yourself. Memories fade, but the photographs will be there for generations. You are beautiful and you are loved by others, and they deserve to have pictures of you.

Don’t wait. I just need to assure myself that I have spread this message to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. that I can.


Hello Friends

I have the coolest job in the world. I get to create gorgeous images of beautiful kids and families, so they can remember these precious days forever!

I live on Lake Keowee in SC, but I travel frequently back to the Pittsburgh/Washington PA area and do sessions in BOTH places!

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