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Some of my photographer friends and I were discussing the fact that while many of our clients LOVE their session images and WANT to display them in their homes, they have a hard time deciding how to do it best. So we have decided to share pictures of wall displays that we all have, many in our own homes, to help get the ideas and inspiration flowing!

I’m sure all of you know a parent or grandparent who has a high school graduation picture or two displayed, usually 8x10s.  Unless they are matted and framed to a larger size AND grouped, this is really too small to be displayed on a wall by itself. Most people wouldn’t think of hanging a landscape print on their wall that was that small.  A great image deserves to be large enough to have impact and displayed as the ART that it is! It never ceases to amaze me that people buy large stock artwork at craft or hobby stores to use as home decor, but don’t give their professional images of their cherished children the same honor. Lots of times the reasons I hear are “I don’t want to be ostentatious” or “I don’t want my home to be a shrine to my kids”.  That thinking is completely old-fashioned, and the reason is that it USED to be true – because only the very wealthy had the means to have large portraits commisioned. Let’s face it, today’s images are fun and modern and REAL and accessible to everyone. Also, today’s families are no longer interested in making their homes an untouchable showroom with plastic runners and unused formal dining rooms and living rooms. We LIVE in our homes, and we make them the center of our family lives, with family rooms and eat-in kitchens where everyone gathers. We also personalize our homes, and nothing proclaims where your priorities are like family pictures mixed right in with all of the other art that you love! SO – don’t be afrid to go big!

You may have seen these before, but here is my great room – of course featuring large images (30×40) placed on a shelf below my transom windows! I love how they look, and they are especially dear to me because none of my children or grandchildren live close by.  I hope they inspire you to think a little differently about displaying your own images!

displaying photographs

wall displays of photographs

displaying large portrait sizes

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