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My most popular (and my most favorite!) product that I sell is a coffee table book of all the images from a photography session. It is just a wonderful way to capture the different looks and personality of the child, and a fabulous keepsake.  Ethan’s mom gets one every year from his annual session, and she treasures being able to look through them and see how much he has grown and changed. Oh how I wish I had these of my own children! I did scrapbooking, sure, (and I was pretty good at it – I used to get published regularly in the major magazines and was on a product design team). But now when I look back at them, I’m a little disappointed in how they look so dated and homemade – not that it’s bad, just that I don’t have anything that is polished and professional to go with them. Ethan will have such a wonderful record of his childhood to show his own children someday, because of his mother’s dedication to preserving it.  His children and grandchildren will be able to get a feel for exactly what he was like as a little boy, and exactly how much he was loved!

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and the cover:

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I have the coolest job in the world. I get to create gorgeous images of beautiful kids and families, so they can remember these precious days forever!
I live on Lake Keowee in SC, but I travel frequently back to the Pittsburgh/Washington PA area and do sessions in BOTH places!


Pam Nafziger, photographer

I live on Lake Keowee in SC but travel frequently back to my hometown area of Pittsburgh/Washington PA - and I do sessions in BOTH places!

306 Longwood Drive, Seneca, SC 29672

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