Will keep them entertained for a little while

So, for $2.58 I picked up the stuff at Lowes to make a fun little game that will keep your kids (and maybe you, too!) entertained for at least a little while…which with summer vacation right around the corner might come in handy. It would be a fun project to do together with them, too. So here is what you need to get, along with some twine:

The ring is about 2 inches, if that gives you an idea of scale. You need to find a place that has a post with a support over it – ideally a porch, or a deck, or maybe a swing set. Insert the threaded hook into the post at about 48 inches high from the ground. Insert the eye hook above at about 4-5 feet from the post and lined up with the hook. Tie the string to the eye hook above and then tie the ring on one the other end at a length that  just allows the ring to fit on the hook.

Then try to swing the ring onto the hook. You may need to twist out the screwed hook a little; there needs to be enough room between it & the post to allow the ring to bounce.

Be prepared to spend lots of time at it – it gets competitive! And yes, I’m better than Jim at it.

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