Six Mile SC Photography | real beauty

THIS is yet another way to say what I’ve been trying to say all along. What I want to respond with when I hear people tell me that they just aren’t ready to do a photo session with their family because “I need to lose weight/grow my hair out/get my hair cut/need better makeup/don’t know...

Keowee Key Family Photographer | A Very Special Christmas

I was privileged to photograph an extended family of 19, celebrating their last Christmas at the Lake Keowee home in Keowee Key that their parents built over 20 years ago, and where so many wonderful memories were made. The time has come for them to downsize and simplify. My wish is for them to let...

Don’t Wait : Capture Those Moments With Photography!

“Isn’t it amazing we can see the beauty in our best friends, sisters, mothers, and aunts without the slightest thought to their flaws… but can obsess for hours on our own imperfections?…No pictures to show how we LOVE, how we laugh, how we are treasured by our families.” Don’t wait to photograph you and your...

Washington PA photographer | a beloved truck

I have been photographing Erin and her children annually since the kids were born, and every year we have concentrated on getting good expressions and cooperation from the little ones…because, well, they were little, and all of you moms know how THAT goes!  Getting them dressed, trying to keep them from squirming too much (or...

Hello Friends

I have the coolest job in the world. I get to create gorgeous images of beautiful kids and families, so they can remember these precious days forever!
I live on Lake Keowee in SC, but I travel frequently back to the Pittsburgh/Washington PA area and do sessions in BOTH places!


Pam Nafziger, photographer

I live on Lake Keowee in SC but travel frequently back to my hometown area of Pittsburgh/Washington PA - and I do sessions in BOTH places!

306 Longwood Drive, Seneca, SC 29672

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