The Joy of Discovery

My friend Julie Tauro wrote an amazing story on her Blog recently recounting the discovery of a few trays of old slide film, when she and her mom were cleaning out her grandparents’ house. Turns out that a lot of them were images that her mom had NEVER seen. Just think about that…images from her prom, wedding, first baby, young parents, family cottage…NEVER.SEEN.

They had the joy of carefully examining these images and memories, seeing familiar loved faces from a time when life was simpler but from a whole new perspective. How powerful to see your parents and grandparents when they were young and actively living life just as you do now – because instead of seeing them from your memories of that same period as a child, you are now seeing them at that time as an adult, perhaps even OLDER now than they were in the pictures!

Just think about it – what if all of your photos that are on your phone or computer or on a cd somewhere disappear tomorrow? Your phone gets lost or broken, someone steals your laptop, your computer crashes, your cd becomes unusable or obsolete? What if your kids never get to have this pleasure?

And here’s another thing that I thought of as I looked at the pictures that Julie posted from those slides: no one is looking at those images and thinking about how their mom/grandma/poppy is fashionable or not, or heavy or not, or if they have makeup on. All you see is THEM. Young, happy, living. Looking WONDERFUL. All you feel is the love.

Lessons? Let people take photos of you instead of hiding from the camera. If you are uncomfortable about it, get a pro who will help you look and feel your best. Do it for your kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren so they can feel their love and connection with you when they most need it (even if it’s when they are 70 years old themselves). And PRINT THOSE PICTURES!

Here’s a link to Julie’s blog post – she shares some of the photos and they are FASCINATING and so worth the read! Slide Film and Digital Files – why 40 years later, my mom has photos she never knew existed


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