If I had teenagers (and maybe even without them)

We all know that texting while driving is bad. We KNOW its dangerous. We’ve seen the commercials, heard the horror stories, and there is NO DOUBT in anyone’s mind that it should never, ever be done.

Yet…most of us admit to doing it, at least occasionally.

Nearly half of commuters self-reported texting while driving in a recent poll1, and 43% of those who did called it a “habit.” Commuters are texting and driving even more than teens – 49%1, compared to 43%2.  And the problem has gotten worse.  Six in 10 commuters say they never texted while driving three years ago.

It is REALLY hard to resist that temptation when you hear that “ping”. I have trouble doing it (I now turn my phone OFF when in the car) but I know that a teenager often feels indestructible and perfectly capable of managing it.

I found this new device on the internet that I would most certainly purchase if I still had teenagers (or if I knew that me, my spouse, or one of my children had trouble with this issue):


How the ORIGOSafe™ works:

  • Prevents the driver from holding the phone, allowing the driver to remain fully focused on the road.
  • Allows the driver to stay connected and productive through use of Bluetooth.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries from distracted driving due to handheld cell phone use.
  • Provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their driver is protected.
  • Allows use with unlimited phones per vehicle. Great for family use!
  • Models good behavior for your family.                                           
  • Easy to install and use – simple, one time set up.
  • Charges the phone while it rests in the docking station.
The ORIGOSafe™ is available for only $279, plus installation, and is compatible with any type of car.
ORIGO™ has a certified installer network all across the nation, so you need not travel far to get your ORIGOSafe™ installed!
It’s a bargain. Their website is here



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