Great News for Loyal Fans of Casual Moments Photography! “Tell-A-Friend” Referral Program

Tell a Friend referral program

I have to say that I consider myself to be one of the luckiest photographers on the planet, because I truly have the best and most loyal clients ever. They are the ones who have supported me and my work by returning again and again, even in a saturated market. They are the ones who convinced me that my work capturing their family memories was just as important and valuable as my career as a nurse. They are the ones who assured me that they would continue to book sessions with me if I was willing to continue my business in Pennsylvania by driving up there at intervals. They are the ones who have taken upon themselves to help get the word out about me in a brand-new area where I knew no one and had no contacts to break into a new market in upstate South Carolina.  And they have done all of that, and more!

They have basically allowed me to continue growing my business without stressing too much about marketing and advertising, simply by referring me to their friends and families. That is HUGE.

I want to be sure that I give something back to all of these former clients to show them how much I appreciate the time they take to tell others about me as well as their kind words. And I also want to include the many others who haven’t actually had sessions with me yet, but are fans of my work – some were bridesmaids in weddings that I did, some are family members of children I photographed, and some are friends of friends…but all have gone out of their way to offer genuine endorsements and help new clients connect with me.

So, I am officially announcing my new “Tell-A-Friend” Referral Program!

It’s simple: for every new client that you refer to Casual Moments Photography who then books and completes a session, you will receive your choice of a $25 gift card OR a $25 credit towards a former/ future session…and the friend that you refer will receive $25 credit towards their session.

You don’t even have to be a former client to earn the gift card; as long as a new client tells me that you are the one who told them about me and completes a session, you get a gift card and they get $25 off their order!

You can read all about the details here: Tell-A-Friend Referral Program


Hello Friends

I have the coolest job in the world. I get to create gorgeous images of beautiful kids and families, so they can remember these precious days forever!
I live on Lake Keowee in SC, but I travel frequently back to the Pittsburgh/Washington PA area and do sessions in BOTH places!


Pam Nafziger, photographer

I live on Lake Keowee in SC but travel frequently back to my hometown area of Pittsburgh/Washington PA - and I do sessions in BOTH places!

306 Longwood Drive, Seneca, SC 29672

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