Holiday Gift Ideas from your favorite photographer | days 9-17

In case you missed it, I have been sharing  gift ideas to help you out with your holiday shopping – posting a link to a different gift suggestion every day until Thanksgiving on my business Facebook page. Since not everyone is on Facebook (hard to believe, right?) I’m doing a recap here on my blog. You can see the first 8 days here.  Here we go! Hope it helps!

Day 9:  This gift is going to get lots of guffaws over the name, but it will still be a favorite. The Vegetti turns vegetables like zucchini into long thin noodles that can be sauteed or baked; there are tons of recipes on the internet. This is an easy way to increase veggies in your diet. Kids like to help by using it also. Its at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15.


Day 10: If you don’t have a garage to keep your car in, or you work at a place where your car is outside and you are in a snow belt, you know what a pain it is to deal with ice or snow on your windshield. How about a snow windshield guard? I looked at a few different ones and read reviews, and this one seems to be the best for about $25:  snow windshield


Day 11: Jewelry is a timeless Christmas gift, always special and appreciated for years. Make it special and personal with a delicate monogram necklace. Monograms are always the rage in the south where I am now, but these necklaces are popular with women and young girls everywhere. There are many different vendors on Etsy, etc but if you need it in time for the holidays you might go with Nordstroms. They typically run about $80-120.


Day 12: If you have a photographer in your life (and really, today, who doesn’t?) who is into all of the photography accessories and bling, this mug will likely make them very happy! about $15


Day 13: I think men are hard to shop for, maybe because their interests are different from women so it’s hard for me to think of things they would like. However, I know for a fact that most men, especially guys who are into sports, would love to have a GoPro to capture their antics! Skiers, ball players, boarders, surfers – they all get a kick out of this thing (compact, wearable/mountable heavy duty video camera). You can find them easily, prices range from $120 and up depending on model.
Day 14: So who WOULDN’T need a compact, portable cell phone battery charger to keep in their purse because they drain their smartphone? Great reviews on Amazon and only $17…perfect for teens. Or moms. Or, you know, cool grandmas who use their phone a lot. Cell charger
Day 15: Got someone on your gift list who loves to cook or bake? A new bride? This is a must! I have had mine for 35 years, and I don’t use it much but when I need it it’s a lifesaver – like at Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can use it for apples OR potatoes. Kids love to use it too, so it’s a fun way to let them help in the kitchen. You can get it at Williams-Sonoma for about $30, or at Target for about $20.
Day 16: I’ve always liked being able to combine a personal gift and a donation to a good cause, and I love receiving that kind of gift also. Bravelets is a company that sells beautiful bracelets in a variety of cool styles with “be brave” on them, to help people be brave during hard times. You can choose not only which type of cause to support ($10 of every sale will be donated to it) but which organization within that cause you want to give it to. I think, as a cancer treatment recipient myself, that it is a rough course and every bit of encouragement helps. About $35   Bravelets
Day 17: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can’t leave out a gift suggestion for your furry friends – how about a personalized collar, with pet name and your phone number? Especially good because you don’t have to listen to the annoying, clinking sound of tags AND the number is easily visible in case Fido wanders off. About $20 at LLBean
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