Lake Keowee SC Engagement Pictures – stormy weather

Normally, I’m one to heartily endorse the weather here on Lake Keowee near Clemson SC. After all, I came from Pittsburgh PA where we only get about 100 days of sunshine a year. If you woke up to rain there, you were pretty much assured that the entire day would be a gloomy washout. But here in Keowee Key it’s just not that way at all. It rains often here, but almost never lasts more than an hour or two and then the sun is out again! And it often rains at night, not during the daytime (funtime!).

But this weekend is killing me!

Gina and Chris scheduled their Lake Keowee SC engagement pictures with me MONTHS ago, and this is the weekend that we could all pull it together. They drove from Pennsylvania to do it. We weren’t too worried about weather, for all of the reasons above, and after all we had three days to get it done. But, Hurricane Joaquin had other plans. We are slated to possibly get the worst rainfall in 1000 years. It has been raining and gloomy since they got here.

Yesterday looked like our best hope. We were able to dodge rainfall and use some creative locations to get most of our shots. But the one shot that I wanted most was out on one of the lake islands with the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance. We waited and waited for the day to clear somewhat, but then decided to just go with it before the weather got even worse. Gina and Chris were prepared to get wet if needed, so off we went in the rain!

Miraculously, it dropped to a misty drizzle just long enough for the mountains to come into view and for me to get a bunch of great shots with a little off camera flash to combat the grayness. Here’s one of my favorites – more to follow soon!

Lake Keowee SC Engagement Pictures by Casual Moments Photography



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