Bridgeville PA outdoor fall engagement session

I think most of you know that I stopped doing weddings about 2 years ago. It was just getting to be too hard for me to manage the travel and the massive time commitment that they require. I still LOVE to do engagement sessions though! Since my portrait work focuses on relationships, it’s a natural fit. I love helping the couples that I photograph feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, and I also love giving them romantic shots that take the pressure off trying to work those in on The Big Day.

I did Rachel’s senior pictures years ago (they were some of my favorites!) and I was thrilled to hear from her again when she got engaged and wanted me to shoot her session. I was also pretty flattered, because she is a pretty popular fashion blogger and on top of ALL of the latest trends, with a strong sense of style. I was afraid that I was going to be too old to fit into that, lol, but it turns out we were a great team.

We had originally planned to do the session at Mingo Park, where I do most of my PA photo sessions. BUT it turned out to be the weekend of the Covered Bridge Festival, and the crowds & traffic through there is impossible. We switched to Cecil Park, which is pretty close to them, and it turned out to be the perfect place.

I was so happy to spend more time with Rachel and meet Alex, who cheerfully cooperated with every location we decided to use. I was also happy to see how well they just seem to FIT with one another – and I wish them all the best as they plan their lovely wedding and their future together!

Bridgeville PA outdoor fall engagement session – A few of my favorites:


Bridgeville PA outdoor fall engagement session

A cool rusted pedestrian bridge made a great spot to start


Outdoor engagement session at Cecil Park PA

I love doing engagement sessions outdoors, and this park was perfect


Cecil Township Park engagement photo session

The goldenrod was gorgeous…this was just a spot by the road that we found


engagement session photos with an urban feel

The grubby graffiti covered train trestle contrasting with this well dressed couple…bam.


engagement session outdoors near red shed with flowers

A pocket of sunlight in front of an old shed with a pop of color and surrounded by wildflowers made for one of my favorites of the day


engagement session outdoors on wooden bridge

And this one too…


Cecil PA photography closeup of a couple at engagement session

I always love the closeups, too.


Canonsburg PA Engagement session done in a field of goldenrod

Then we found this wonderful field – perfect since they are having a garden wedding.


McDonald PA engagement session in goldenrod field

Now THIS is my favorite…I think.


Bridgeville PA outdoor engagement session in a field of goldenrod

So lovely.


Image of engaged couple with Starbucks coffee cup and wedding date

And yes, I know this photo has been done a time or two before, but in this case it’s totally legit – Alex is a barista at Starbucks!

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