Family Group and Event Photographer Lake Keowee SC 29676

Family Group and Event Photographer Lake Keowee SC 29676

Everyone loves to have beautiful family images, and especially one that has every single person in it. Yet, life is busy and trying to get everyone together at the same place at the same time can be challenging. Events such as birthdays, holidays or milestones like 50th anniversaries can bring everyone together, but it can also seem overwhelming to try to schedule a photo session at the same time. Trust me – I understand, since I have a large family myself!

Diane has wanted a professional photograph of her beautiful family for years. The last one that they had was from when her youngest was a baby! It just never seemed to work out that everyone could get together at the same time. But THIS YEAR, it finally happened! All of her children traveled to their lake home for her birthday, but she didn’t know that they were ALL coming.

Her husband called me to capture the images that she always wanted. A quick email to everyone with color scheme for what to wear and bring with them and it was set. We did the session right at their home in Keowee Key and voila! Memories captured in beautiful images forever!

Large Family Group and Event photographer Lake Keowee 29676

Photograph of Parents with Grown Children portrait lakefront Salem SC 29676

Photo of grandparents posing with their grandchildren Lake Keowee SC

Adult Siblings Portrait on Lake Keowee SC 29676

Retired couple portrait on Lake Keowee SC

Is there anything more heartwarming than pictures with Grandma?

Grandmother with her grandchildren on location portrait Lake Keowee SC

And with Grandpa? What a wonderful keepsake for these children to have!

Portrait of Grandfather and grandchildren Lake Keowee SC

Natural light photo of grandpa and grandkids Lake Keowee SC

And you are NEVER too old for photos with Mom and Dad…

Mother and adult daughter portrait Lake Keowee SC

Mom and adult daughter portrait natural light Lake Keowee SC

Senior mom and adult daughter outdoor photo Lake Keowee SC

Senior Mom and adult son portrait Lake Keowee SC

Father with adult daughter portrait Lake Keowee SC

Senior dad with adult daughter photo Lake Keowee SC

Adult daughter with her Dad portrait on Lake Keowee SC

Father and adult son photo Lake Keowee SC

And here is an idea of how life has changed since their last family photo –

Family holding an old photo of them on Lake Keowee

I sure hope they don’t wait so long next time!!! It was a genuine pleasure for me to photograph this fun and beautiful family on Lake Keowee. If YOUR family will be together this summer, consider a photo session like this to capture your special moments with your loved ones!



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