The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards family photographer Sunset, SC 29685

Vacation is the perfect time to have family photos done, since schedules are generally looser, life is a bit slower, and everyone is more relaxed. Even better when BOTH sets of grandparents are along!

The Cliffs is just an easy half-hour drive from me, and I’m always happy to do sessions there. I love it because I get to meet so many fun people vacationing there. It is just an hour’s drive from Greenville SC, 40 minutes from Clemson, 1.5 hours from Asheville, and about 2.5 hours to Atlanta or Charlotte…so accessible from so many places! It’s nestled in the mountains and on the shores of Lake Keowee, so there is plenty to do for everyone!

This family was so easy to work with, despite the July heat. We did the session in the backyard, steps from the house where they could cool off as they took turns being photographed. It couldn’t be any more convenient! My style of photography is so casual and so focused on relationships that everything goes quickly – which was great, because GOLF was waiting, lol. That speed is super important when you are dealing with a lot of people who really value their down time. I don’t blame them because vacation is precious, and I want to be the photographer that gets the job done beautifully and quickly, without fuss.

I made sure that I photographed both sets of grandparents with each of their precious granddaughters. I love these types of portraits the best, because I know that someday these girls will treasure them beyond measure. And how fun to see features passed down from generation to generation – those curls, those eyes, that smile!


Granddaughter with grandpa photo

family photograph in the cliffs at keowee vinyards

The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards family photographer Sunset, SC 29685 phot of grandparent with granddaughter

Photos with grandparents at The Cliffs

Photographer for the cliffs at keowee vineyards in Sunset sc

Photographer near the cliffs at keowee vineyards

photos of grandparents at The Cliffs

photos with grandparents Sunset SC

Grandmother and her granddaughter portrait Sunset SC

AND – while we have them in our clutches – it’s a must that we photograph the grandparents together. Usually it’s been years since they have had a professional photo done. I LOVE how awesome they look together, and so much fun too.

portrait of grandparents together at The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards

casual photo of grandparents at The Cliffs

photo of grandparents at The Cliffs

Fun portrait of grandparents at The Cliffs

I love that this family placed a priority on taking the opportunity to capture their relationships during their vacation. I hope that every time they look at these photos they will remember what a great time they had together. I know they will only love these images more as the years go by.

If you are lucky enough to vacation with your entire family, please think seriously about using that opportunity to hire a professional photographer to capture the images that they deserve. Cell phone pictures won’t do them justice.



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