How to download your purchased files

After your order has been received and payment has been made, you will be sent a link to password-protected galleries of your 5×7 and 8×10 files, as well as your collage and slideshow if you purchased a collection that included those.

There is a “BUY PHOTOS” box on each gallery. That is OPTIONAL. It is intended for those who wish to print through my pro lab for a nominal charge, or who wish to offer this option to friends or relatives so that they can order their own prints instead of you doing it for them. You can order prints up to 11×14 (use the 8×10 folder for those) and a few novelty items like mousepads and coffee mugs. AGAIN – you do not have to order through smugmug, but it is a nice way to let others do so if you don’t want to handle it for them 🙂

Follow the link I gave you to your gallery; in this case I chose the 5×7 gallery. You can download the entire 5×7 gallery by clicking the “download all” button in the top right corner. You can download individual files by selecting which image you want, then selecting the download icon that I have circled at the bottom right, underneath the image preview. 

Note that there are many different devices ranging from desktop computers to laptops to tablets to phones, different operating systems, and different browsers. These instructions may vary a bit in appearance but the principles should be the same. In general, tablets and phones can easily download the individual images but may not have the capability to download the whole gallery at once.

Make sure you download EACH gallery – 5×7, 8×10, collage, and slideshow if you purchased one.

windowsnipYou can easily share your images with friends, family, and on social media by selecting the SHARE icon just to the left of the individual icon. 

If you have trouble doing any of the downloads or it just looks too intimidating for you, don’t worry – you will be getting a flash drive in the mail with your prints, so it will be as easy as plugging it into your usb drive on your computer. If you no longer have a device that uses usb hub, just contact me and I can help you figure it out or offer an alternate way to upload if needed. Or you can just ask a nearby eight-year-old (!!!!).


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