How to Print Your Digital Files Using Mpix

Screenshots to Help Walk You Through Ordering Prints From Your Digital Files

Just in case you have never ordered prints of your digital files and are not very computer-savvy (and don’t have a kid around to help you, lol!), I have created this page with screenshots to show you exactly how to print your digital files using Mpix.

First of all, go to and create an account if you don’t already have one, or sign in if you do (it’s on the toolbar top right, circled in green by me). Then, click on the GET STARTED red box as shown:



Now you have to actually GET your files ONTO the Mpix website, so they can use them to print. We will upload them from this screen. Select “add your photos” as shown:



A new box will open as shown below. Step 1 asks which folder you want to put the files in – it’s okay to leave it as the default, and you don’t have to do anything. If you feel like it, you can change the name to something that identifies the set of pictures that you are printing, such as “Our Family Session Spring 2014”.  For Step 2, click on “add photos” as shown:



Your computer’s browser will now open. Navigate to the folder where your files are (remember? you downloaded them from my site after you bought them and saved them to a folder on your computer). Select the files you want to print (you can hold the shift key down and select all of them) and click OPEN:


Now hit the red UPLOAD bar at the bottom right of the screen:



After the files are uploaded, select the ORDER PRINTS tab as shown:


Now you simply click on each image that you want to order, and then type the quantity next to the size in the box to the right. You can select several pictures at once, by holding down the shift key. Then select ADD TO CART in red at the bottom:


After you are finished choosing sizes for the images you want to order, click on VIEW CART on the top toolbar:



Now you can look your order over and make sure that the sizes are correct, etc. You can also choose your paper type here – E surface is the usual, and you can also choose a lustre coating (recommended for protection from UV light). When you are ready, click CHECKOUT:


This next step is VERY important – check the “Do not color correct” box! I have already color corrected them, and if you leave it unchecked, the color of the prints will be wonky! Then hit NEXT:



Add the address that you want to ship the prints to, and hit NEXT:


Select your shipping method from the drop-down menu at the bottom, then hit NEXT:


Enter your billing information and payment numbers, then hit NEXT:


Finally, review all of the details and if everything looks good, hit PLACE ORDER! That’s it! Your beautiful prints will be delivered right to your door!




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